St. Colette wants to thank you for actively participating in the mission this past week. We are very grateful for all the volunteers and the donations of goodies and refreshments you brought for the attendees. If you loved the mission and if any one still wants to donate to the mission speakers, please write check payable to St. Colette and indicate at the memo section that it is for the mission. May God keep blessing you and all you do. Thank you.


Mission Videos

Click on the links to watch each night of the mission: The Three Faces of God

Night 1: Jesus – Face of God Freedom 3/28/2022 7pm

Night 2: Father – The Face of God’s Mercy 3/29/2022 7pm

Night 3: Spirit – Face of God’s Passion 3/30/2022 7pm



Pictures for the Multi Parish Mission: The Three Faces of God