Ministry of Care

Ministry of Care is a vital part of our parish faith community. Our ministers visit those who are unable to attend regular Sunday services. If you are home bound or recovering from surgery and would like to receive and share in Eucharist and prayer, please contact either church office.

“Ordinary People Ministering to Ordinary People In Extraordinary Circumstances”

This beautiful ministry reaches out to the sick, elderly, and handicapped by bringing prayer, presence and Eucharist to those in a hospital or nursing home or at home.  This service is delivered by lay individuals or teams directed by the Ministry of Care Coordinator.


It is important to the parish to stay in touch with its sick and/or elderly and tend their sacramental and spiritual needs.  If a person cannot attend Mass, even for a short period, she/he is urged to request a Ministry of Care visit.

As soon as possible, the sick person or a family member is asked to call the Parish Office and request that Holy Communion be brought to the home, nursing home or hospital.

For a home bound person, the Ministry of Care Coordinator will assign a Minister of Care to visit.

In the case of a patient in a nursing home or hospital, the Coordinator will alert those who minister in the respective place to seek out the parishioner and add her or him to the list of those to be visited.


Men and Women who are:

  • Regular participants in the Eucharistic liturgy
  • Good Listeners                                                                                                                          
  • Loving, caring, and willing to spend time with the sick and suffering
  • Open to sharing prayer and faith with the sick
  • Willing to undertake the necessary initial training for the ministry
  • Committed to enriching training in ministry via scheduled meetings