To get married, you must first schedule an interview with the priest or designated minister. After the interview a date may be chosen, we ask that you reach out to us at least 6 months before the wedding date as to allow enough time for the process to take place.

After the initial interview, the priest or designated minister will determine and explain the next steps to be taken. Since each couple is different, the process may also be different. However each Catholic in the marriage should be ready to present a certified copy of their Baptismal record with notations or certificates for the other sacraments if notations no available. The ways in which the process may be different include, but not limited to, a non-Roman Catholic in the marriage, previous civil or sacramental marriages, annulments, etc. Couples will also be asked to complete Pre- Cana Marriage preparation.

The goal of the minister is to assist you in the process as well as preparations needed for the wedding day such as readings. The music director will help you choose the music for the celebration.

We are happy you have chosen this vocation and wish to help it be a memorable day and foster the love the couple has so it can remain strong throughout all of their life.